Unknown Izakayas


The essential companion for the astute globetrotter


Unknown Izakayas.

By Nick Dwyer

Tokyo’s Izakayas are a refreshing alternative to formal dining

Unknown Izakayas

Izakayas are essentially the back-bone of Tokyo eating, they are tiny little places that serve delicious morsels of food to accompany drinking, beer and, of course… sake! I guess my point with this is that it’s all too easy, especially if you lack the language, to fall upon the familiar in Japan – a Yakitori or Soba house, or, of course, named restaurants. If you really want an authentic Japanese experience, find a Izakaya, put yourself in the hands of the chef, and make sure you get the sake to match. Sure, there are a couple of dishes here and there that might be very alien, but on the whole your belly will thank you for your curiousity and with sake in the mix you’ll be singing karaoke with the owner in no time.

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