Sushi-Dai at Tsukiji Fish Markets


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Sushi-Dai at Tsukiji Fish Markets.

By Nick Dwyer

For the freshest sushi experience try Sushi-Dai

Sushi-Dai at Tsukiji Fish Markets
Tsukiji Market Part 6 Bldg. 5-2-1 Tsukiji-shijo
(0081)3 547 6797

It shouldn’t come as any surprise that the best sushi in the world is found in Tokyo. What most will have you believe though, is that to really get the ‘sushi-experience to end all sushi experiences’, you’ll have to wait three months for a booking at Sukiyabashi Jiro Honten or Mizutani in Ginza,  as well as being prepared to pay a very hefty price tag. That’s not the case. I’ve been lucky enough to eat a fair amount of sushi in my time, and Sushi-Dai is by far the best you’ll get and at a quarter of the price of such establishments. Located right next to the Tsukiji fish markets, it’ll be an early rise as Sushi-Dai don’t take bookings and you can expect to wait in line for around an hour to get one of the dozen seats. You will be rewarded with the freshest fish you’ll ever find in your life. Make sure you bring a sense of adventure with you – those Cod Fish sperm sacs ain’t for the faint-hearted.

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