1933 Old Millfun


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1933 Old Millfun.

By Simon Park

Design lovers will be entranced by the complex and irregular architecture of this historical heritage site.

1933 Old Millfun
10 Shajing Road
Hongkou District

Astonishing from an architectural standpoint, this former abattoir has recently been restored back to its former Art Deco glory after sitting in a derelict state. Situated in Shanghai’s Hongkou district, 1933 Old Millfun was once the largest abattoir in East Asia. The former factory covers an enormous area with a maze of pathways and vast concrete corridors and the interplay of light and shadow creates a dramatic effect, likened to being inside a seemingly impossible Escher illustration. Marketed as a new commercial hub for creative industries, on my last visit the amount of unoccupied retail space suggests this development may not have been such a commercial success. Perhaps the amount of outdoor space (too hot in summer and too cold in winter given the local climate) and the slightly more remote Hongkou location are prohibitive. Even so this architectural marvel is well worth a visit. Taiwanese ‘Noodle Bull’ have a restaurant in this location and the signature ‘Bull Noodles’ are delicious.

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